Formula 113 NY, LLC

as former distributor of this product looking to cut my losses and liquidate my stock .

I need to make room for a new company with improved products.

There's is Always One Better !

Bead X Liquidation Sale




 Bead X Close Out Sale

Gallon Refill

Bead X Gallon

2 gallons for $60.

Free shipping


4 Gallon Bead X Close Out






(While supplies last)  

Thats 4 gallons for

$110. includes shipping

Take advantage of this great offer

Buy One Try One


 For a limited time get both for

$55. with Free Shipping









Now go One Better

Better Shine, Better Protection


There 's always

Order on Line Or Call to Order 

Call (516) 9 7 8 - 4 3 2 9


One Step Wax & Sealant

-no powdery residue

- apply in sun or shade

-use by hand or machine-

- amazing wet look shine

Big Shot Spray Wax

- made from same formula as our wax & sealant but now in an easy spray

- shake-spray-spread- shine

-wet look shine and protection in half the time

Dash-iT Detail spray

- streak free formula for painted surfaces, glass and chrome to remove dust and fingerprints

- wax enhancer to add depth and shine

- use between waxes for a glass like shine

- Detail your car in minutes Dash-iT and your Done

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