Formula 113 NY, LLC

as former distributor Formula 113 I am looking to cut my losses and liquidate my stock . I need to make room for a new company with improved products, customer service. Now make it One Better

There's is Always One Better !

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  2 Gallon Bead X Close Out Sale


Bead X Gallon

2 gallons for $60.

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4 Gallon Bead X Close Out


Thats 4 gallons for

$120. includes shipping

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 32 oz One Step wax

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2 One Step Wax 32 oz.

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Wax & Detail Kit


32 oz One Step Wax + Bead X Gallon

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These 2 Limited Time Offers to Buy & Try gives you the chance to Buy what you know and Try our new and improved One Better line of car care products. One Better is family owned micro brewed , hand crafted car care products with outstanding performance and customer service. No waiting for shipments all orders are shipped next business day with tracking.

There are thousands of car care products on the market , many claim to be the best but even out of the best there is Always One Better!

There Is Always One Better

There 's always

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One Step Wax & Sealant

-no powdery residue

- apply in sun or shade

-use by hand or machine-

- amazing wet look shine

Big Shot Spray Wax

- made from same formula as our wax & sealant but now in an easy spray

- shake-spray-spread- shine

-wet look shine and protection in half the time

Dash-iT Detail spray

- streak free formula for painted surfaces, glass and chrome to remove dust and fingerprints

- wax enhancer to add depth and shine

- use between waxes for a glass like shine

- Detail your car in minutes Dash-iT and your Done

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