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as former distributor Formula 113 I am looking to cut my losses and liquidate my stock . I need to make room for a new company with improved products, customer service fast delivery.

One Better Car Care now make it One Better

Dash-iT detail is more concentrated has an anti static to repell dust also will enhance any wax you use. Dash-iT is non streacking

can be used on a wet car or for that final detail before a show. Use on painted surfaces , glass and chrome.


2 Gallon Bead X Close Out Sale


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4 Gallon Bead X Close Out

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Bead x buy one try one Dash-iT






4 pack 2 Bead X + new Dash-iT detail coating



see the difference Dash-iT is better longer lasting , better shine while using less Just one pump per section and You're done




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"There is Always One Better"

You Deserve One Better

There is always One Better

Wax Kit #1

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Wax Kit #2

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Wax Kit #3

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Wax Kit #4

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Wax Kit #5

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F-iTless Combo #6

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In-Tire Combo Kit # 7

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Detail Kit # 8

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F-iTless Detail Kit # 9


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4 Gallon D/T #10

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LARGE D/T/ Kit # 11


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32 oz 2 wax & sealant Kit#12


$65. Free Shipping


  New F-ITLESS Detail spray is a spray and wipe application to remove light dust and dirt while adding polymer wax for wet look shine.

One Step Wax & Sealant

-no powdery residue

- apply in sun or shade

-use by hand or machine-

- amazing wet look shine

Big Shot (speed shine)Spray Wax

- made from same formula as our wax & sealant but now in an easy spray

- shake-spray-spread- shine

-wet look shine and protection in half the time

Dash-iT Detail Spray

- streak free formula for painted surfaces, glass and chrome to remove dust and fingerprints

- wax enhancer to add depth and shine

- use between waxes for a glass like shine

- anti static

- Detail your car in minutes Dash-iT and your Done

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