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Formula 113 One Step Wax 32oz.


32 oz. One Step Wax


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Can be applied in direct sunlight. Absolutely no dust or powdery residue. Wipes on and off easily. Can be applied to the entire care at one time. Won't cake up in emblems or lettering. Dries clear in cracks and crevices. Enhances any finish new or old. Helps restore original luster and beauty.

Bead X 32 oz.


Bead X


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BeadX gives a glass like water repellent protective finish in just minutes. Just 2 ounces does a full-sized car! It can be applied to a wet car after it has been washed or to a dry car with surface dust. Contains no harsh cleansers or abrasives. Leaves no residue or powder in key holes or lettering. Quickly removes surface dust, fingerprints and smudges from painted surfaces. Use with clay bar surface cleaning material to lubricate surface.

Bead X Gallon Refill


Bead X gallon


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Bead X gallon Refill

 Wax & Detail combo


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Bead X Triple Pack 


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Bead X 32 oz + Gallon 


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Buy 2 and save 32 oz. One Step Wax 


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Large Combo Kit 


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2 Gallon Special 


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16 oz. Spray Z Wax 

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Bead X Case of 4

4 gallons for $130.

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"There is Always One Better"


Improved Products there is always One Better

One Step Wax & Sealant

-no powdery residue

- apply in sun or shade

-use by hand or machine-

- amazing wet look shine

Big Shot (speed shine)Spray Wax

- made from same formula as our wax & sealant but now in an easy spray

- shake-spray-spread- shine

-wet look shine and protection in half the time

Dash-iT Detail Spray

- streak free formula for painted surfaces, glass and chrome to remove dust and fingerprints

- wax enhancer to add depth and shine

- use between waxes for a glass like shine

- anti static

- Detail your car in minutes Dash-iT and your Done

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